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Facebook declared Kyle Rittenhouse guilty, silencing his defense in the court of public opinion

New York Post 26 Nov 2021
Social media now qualify for various legal protections by claiming to be “neutral platforms.” Yet Big Tech is developing a strong record of suppressing the truth in the service of clear political bias.

Facebook Slammed For Censoring Kyle Rittenhouse Posts

Inquisitr 26 Nov 2021
In recent years, the tech giant caved to pressure from lawmakers and cracked down on alleged political disinformation ... Unprecedented Censorship ... "Social media now qualify for various legal protections by claiming to be 'neutral platforms.' Yet Big Tech is developing a strong record of suppressing the truth in the service of clear political bias.

WHO Finally Admits Flu is DEADLIER Than COVID19!

Principia Scientific 26 Nov 2021
This is, I suspect, one of the reasons why the enemy put so much effort into suppressing everything I do ... So they must be old enough to be given the truth as well as the lies ... Suppressing the truth and promoting the lies are all part of the plan ... It was one, I think, one of the truths for which the RSA expelled me.

Majority of public criticizes Chun's unrepentance after his death

Korea Times 24 Nov 2021
Members of a civic organization that has been attempting to bring to light Chun's wrongdoings held a press conference in front of Severance Hospital in Seoul's Seodaemun District, where his memorial altar was set up, Tuesday, and vowed to continue its activities to reveal the historical truth of Chun's suppression of democracy.

What Are The Prospects For Peace?

Dissident Voice 24 Nov 2021
Events are unfolding at a quickening pace ... foreign and military policy to offer their most current thoughts and insights ... RadMediaNews is his most recent project, an alternative to the propaganda of mainstream media and a vehicle to deal with large-scale suppression of the truth ... Here is what Lee Camp had to say ... What in your view is the truth here? ... .

The Genocide Lie: Why Do Israel’s Critics Keep Repeating It?

The Algemeiner 23 Nov 2021
Just two months ago, a student at George Mason University told Vice President Kamala Harris that Israel is involved in “ethnic genocide”—to which Harris infamously responded that “your voice, your truth, should not be suppressed and it must be heard.” ... you exaggerate the truth.

Assembly slams Cuomo’s corruption — now that he’s safely gone

New York Post 23 Nov 2021
More On. andrew cuomo ... It also reveals that numerous Executive Chamber staff and state workers testified that state resources went to preparing Cuomo’s book lauding his pandemic response, and it draws the key connection between his desire to score the fat book contract and his work in suppressing the truth about the nursing homes ... ....

Confession and Conspiracism in the Church of Social Justice

Quillette 22 Nov 2021
A man who gives a good account of himself is probably lying, since any life when viewed from the inside is simply a series of defeats.” And you can tell a lot about a religious or intellectual movement by the degree to which it encourages, or suppresses, a truthful account of one’s past.

Biden’s Incompetent Presidency – A Feature, Not A Bug

The Liberty Beacon 21 Nov 2021
Biden’s folks and the media (and, yes, Davos) can’t tell you the truth about the COVID-9/11 clot shots because the COVID-9/11 pandemic was never about public health. They can’t tell you the truth about the infrastructure bill they just passed because it was never about rebuilding failing infrastructure ... Truth is treason in the empire of lies.

WATCH: The Unspeakable

Off Guardian 19 Nov 2021
... stories are the elucidating words of psychologist Robert Griffin, who guides the audience through an exploration of trauma and the healing power of bringing suppressed truths to light.

Tiim Stevenson | Living with the Long Emergency: Truth, and the teaching of Critical Race Theory

Brattleboro Reformer 18 Nov 2021
Robinson suggests, this manufactured crisis is an attempt to suppress the truth about this country, its origins and development as a world power through slavery and genocide ... suppress teaching the truth of our nation’s past succeed under the guise of attacking the CRT straw man.

In the name of ‘positive reporting’: To what extent Press can lie, asks Maryam

The News International 18 Nov 2021
Maryam Nawaz said that today Journalists are kidnapped and killed for telling the truth ... Maryam said whosoever is powerful, always tries to suppress voice of truth saying that Pakistan is considered among six most dangerous countries for journalists.

The robot that knows when you're lying: Scientists create an AI that can detect deception ...

The Daily Mail 18 Nov 2021
In a very early stage trial, a team from Tel Aviv University placed sensors on volunteers' faces, and watched for subtle facial movement changes as they told lies or truths ... Volunteers then said a lie or a truth ... First your brain produces the truth which it then has to suppress before inventing the lie and the performance of that lie.

Everyone Missed this One… Vaccinated People Are Up to Nine Times (9X) More Likely to ...

GlobalResearch 17 Nov 2021
I have no clue as to why that is ... As Ms ... As you might expect, the hospital rewarded Deborah Conrad for her courage and leadership to expose the truth by firing her. ... If you speak the truth, you will be pay the price. It is imperative that information that doesn’t align with the “narrative” be suppressed ... Period ... This is known as an “inconvenient truth.”.

Josh Duggar: I Never Molested My Sisters! I'm the Victim of a Media Conspiracy!

The Hollywood Gossip 16 Nov 2021
Not surprisingly, the defense is desperately trying to have this evidence suppressed. In their latest hail Mary attempt at keeping the truth out of the courtroom, Josh's lawyers are arguing that he might not have molested those girls after all.