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Iowa GOP wants every legal vote to count. Read this and other letters from Ames residents.

Ames Tribune 03 Mar 2021
This has absolutely nothing to do with voter suppression and baseless accusations such as this do nothing to heal the divide between the sides ... They should be emphasizing free truthful speech and not spreading the lies of supposed election fraud which they use to justify legislation suppressing voter rights.

David Adler: May government curtail free speech?

The Bismarck Tribune 03 Mar 2021
Suppression of speech therefore suppresses one’s individual growth and violates one’s dignity and integrity ... Listening to the opinions of dissenters thus promotes individual needs and goals, and serves the great societal purpose of discerning the “truth,” that is, better ideas and opinions.

Calls grow to remove NY Gov. Cuomo over COVID nursing home coverup and multiple sexual ...

Alternet 03 Mar 2021
"He personally got on the phone to threaten my career to suppress the truth," Kim says.Transcript ... You know, he personally got on the phone to threaten my career to suppress the truth ... But, yes, the suppression of data is so critical, because if we had real-time information, we ...

New lawsuit alleges L.A., Santa Monica, Beverly Hills used curfews to crush legitimate protest

The Los Angeles Times 02 Mar 2021
The lawsuit alleges a slate of violations of the protesters’ constitutional and civil rights, assault and battery, false imprisonment, negligence and the intentional infliction of emotional distress, and calls the curfew a “tool of oppression” used by government actors to suppress the truth and shore up false narratives about American policing.

More Republican hypocrisy

Missoulian 01 Mar 2021
Citizens have been assured by the Montana Republican Party and some of its elected officials that there’s no efforts at voter suppression in Montana. Apparently, truth is now up ...

Dear Big Tech: Freedom Will Triumph in the End

The American Spectator 28 Feb 2021
In each case, the thought that was suppressed has survived better than the thoughts of the oppressors ... We have the deepest faith in the power of truth to overcome every suppression and that our message will find a way, however long and difficult, to triumph.

Rep. Bill Posey Calls on Congress to Create Bipartisan Commission to Examine COVID-19

Space Coast Daily 28 Feb 2021
POSEY ... House of Representatives ... I introduced H.R ... The U.S ... The WHO publicly defended China’s transparency and handling of the virus, despite efforts by the Chinese government to suppress the truth by shutting down early warnings about the virus, hiding reports of transmission, underreporting the death toll, and removing access to key databases ... .

“Environmental Racism” in America: A Public Health Crisis

GlobalResearch 28 Feb 2021
... contamination, which ultimately resulted in a $700 million fine after the company was found guilty by the state of “negligence, wantonness, suppression of truth, nuisance, trespass, and outrage.” Still, today Anniston remains one of the most toxic cities in the U.S.

PETER HITCHENS: I've had the Covid jab - and all it cost me was my freedom

The Daily Mail 27 Feb 2021
I do wonder how it will end but I think it is very brave of the new Sunday night BBC drama Bloodlands, set in Northern Ireland, to admit that the supposed peace of today is based on avoiding and suppressing the truth ... peace of today is based on avoiding and suppressing the truth.

Full text: Salmond's opening statement to the Holyrood inquiry

The Spectator 26 Feb 2021
Suppressing evidence from parliamentary committees matters. And yes, ministers telling the truth to parliament matters ... This committee has been blocked and tackled at every turn with calculated and deliberate suppression of key evidence ... Not to fulfil my oath and tell the truth, the ...

Alex Salmond: weak leadership could hurt case for Scottish independence

The Observer 26 Feb 2021
Alex Salmond has suggested that weak and incompetent leadership of Scotland’s institutions could undermine the case for independence, in a bitter attack on his former allies and party ... Read more ... Suppressing evidence from parliamentary committees matters. And yes, ministers telling the truth to parliament matters.” ... “The policy wasn’t botched ... .

Coronavirus Vaccine: Weaponized BioWeapon

Bitchute 25 Feb 2021
Rise of Medical Technocracy and the Suppressed ...

Trump’s Reconquest of the GOP May Have an Upside for Democracy

New York Magazine 24 Feb 2021
In Republican-controlled statehouses across the U.S., GOP lawmakers are introducing a cornucopia of voter-suppression measures ... Republican voter-suppression efforts are vast in number, but limited in efficacy ... In truth, the threat to popular self-government in the U.S ... This isn’t to say that Republican voter-suppression efforts aren’t a problem.

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